Our Mission, Principles and Values

Our Mission

Be with. Be a witness. Be in relationship.

Our mission is to support babies and their caregivers in the NYC area.

We bring the power and depth of Body-Mind Centering® to the potent process of babies and their caregivers bonding and finding their relationship.

We provide an alternative perspective on development that values process and the needs of the whole, both baby and caregiver – and refuses to feed into a pushing, striving, milestone-driven idea about “progress” and “achievement.”

We are changing the world one baby and adult at a time, each in their own process of the collective swarm of humanity and the swarm of swarms of all life.

Our Values

At Babies Project, our core values are AGENCY, COMFORT, CURIOSITY and MOVEMENT. The principles we teach, facilitate, explore and live from arise from these values. We believe these values can guide us toward becoming more resilient, self-regulating and relational.


We define agency as the ability to make choices, have an impact, take risks and learn from experience.

We shape and are shaped by our environment and interactions. A healthy sense of agency involves participation, connectivity and interdependence.

Through a sense of their own agency, babies and toddlers can fully participate in their emergent sense of self, in relationship to their environment and others.

We cannot empower another person; empowerment comes from within. As caregivers, our role is to respect and nourish a child’s sense of agency and empowerment – while also respecting our own agency.


We believe that babies (of all ages) learn best when they’re led by their curiosity. A sense of safety and comfort comes before and supports curiosity. When a baby doesn’t feel safe or comfortable, it’s difficult for them to be curious.

We as caregivers are the baby’s environment, and we help shape their sense of comfort. By being present and meeting their basic needs for safety and comfort, we encourage their agency and ability to self-regulate.


A baby’s earliest experiences of touching and being touched, being moved and learning to move are significant, and play a formative role in their relationship to learning and their sense of agency.

A baby who is supported in exploring their physical movements – touching, reaching, shifting, and pulling – builds a felt, experientially-based support for “grasping” the metaphorical. The ability to change, to make transitions, to adapt, and to shift perspective play out first in movement.

When a baby finds their way to a new skill through their own agency, they can more fully own the skill and build upon it. A child’s process of learning a new skill is not only about getting the skill itself – it’s about learning how to learn. Progressive, experience-based education can begin at birth and support lifelong learning.

Our hope is that babies of all ages can learn to MOVE through the world led by their CURIOSITY, supported by their COMFORT and empowered by a sense of their own AGENCY.

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