Babies Project is open – classes and workshops have begun!

Babies Project is an educational non-profit that offers developmental movement education to babies of all ages (including adults).

We recently completed a fundraising campaign and are excited to have begun our new programming!

We offer classes and workshops for babies by age group, free sessions for babies and toddlers, workshops for caregivers, and developmental movement classes and workshops for adults.

Babies Project was created by Sarah Barnaby and Amy Matthews, who are both Infant Developmental Movement Educators (IDMEs) trained through the School for Body-Mind Centering.

Our work with developmental movement reflects questions about teaching and education that we believe apply to everybody (not just babies):
  • How can we support a sense of agency in every student (babies to adults) and create an environment of comfort and curiosity?
  • How can we change the educational paradigm to value movement and relationship?
  • How can we facilitate learning that includes experimentation and allows new strategies to arise?
  • How can we prioritize process and experience over a linear approach to achieving milestones and “getting it right”?

To learn more, watch our video (below), read about our principles and read testimonials from caregivers about their experiences here.

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And if you’d like to support us, become a BP Member or make a donation of another amount. Your donation is tax-deductible and we appreciate donations of all sizes!