Yoga for Labor & Delivery

with Adele Loux-Turner

This three-hour workshop is designed for birthing women and their partners. Learn how to apply yoga-based breath, movement, touch, and relaxation techniques to the process of labor. We will discuss the stages and physiology of labor and practice methods that both you and your birth partner can use to support the challenges of each stage. These techniques can be used in any type of birth setting: with or without medication, in the hospital or at home. This class picks up where many talk-based birthing classes fall short: you will leave with practical tools that you can practice at home to help you cope with the physicality of the birth process. Yoga for Labor & Delivery can be taken as a one-off childbirth-ed class, or as a supplement to more comprehensive childbirth courses.


$175/couple, $150 for BP Members
$100/individual, $90 for BP Members


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