Are you interested in contributing to Babies Project as a volunteer? We invite you to join us!

We’re most in need of volunteers to support our free Babies! and Toddlers sessions. Volunteers help us set up the room, greet caregivers and babies, and clean up after the sessions. Because we encourage caregivers to swap their babies’ diapers for cotton undies to facilitate their movement in these sessions, there’s a lot of pee to deal with. Our volunteers help clean up and replace tiles as pee happens – and we affectionately refer to them as our “Pee Squad.”

Read what one of our Pee Squad volunteers has shared about her experience:

Yes, there is the visceral quality of being on hand to clean up all the pee and occasional spit up or poop. I have also found some other things inside of this intimate experience.

By being available to assist in cleaning up, I have an opportunity to pull away some shreds of shame around the body and what it produces, and support the caregivers in their learning by treating a natural thing like it is natural and not like it is something they must apologize for or be alone in dealing with. It feels to me like lifting some of the weights that our cultural and social interactions often ask us to carry, even for a few moments. The more I can step into the messy reality of these moments with a calm and lighthearted attitude, the more time and space is available for babies to interact and engage and for caregivers to be with, to be in relationship while becoming aware of new information about the fullness of their baby’s experience.

This is a profound opportunity for me to be present, to witness and help provide support for these revolutionary and at the same time deeply natural ideas about how we learn to interact with gravity, with our environment, with each other, and with ourselves in our earliest experiences and movements. For the powerlessness I might feel as the world unfolds around me, I know my voice here, and feel activated in these moments knowing how they might ripple out into a myriad of small relationships and supported footsteps for those who will inherit the earth after me.
Abby Walsh

We also have opportunities for sign-in positions for various classes and weekend workshops, as well as a laundry position.

In exchange for your volunteer time, we offer the following benefits:

Interested or want to learn more? Please email us at — thank you!