with Sarah Barnaby, Amy Matthews & Adele Loux-Turner
Wednesdays, 4:00-5:30pm

These group sessions are structured as open exploring time, where certified Infant Developmental Movement Educators (IDMEs) explore with caregivers how to support the toddlers in their process, and how to apply principles such as “baby ball,” balancing extension with flexion, the value of “small falls”, and prioritizing the process of learning rather than achieving a particular position in this older age group.

Toddlers is intended for children from confident walking to 3 years old and their caregivers.

  • Toddlers is by donation.
  • Toddlers starts Wednesday, Oct 4

What you should know:

  • For the first few months of these sessions, Toddlers will be open to caregivers and their toddlers who have previously attended Babies!
  • Toddlers will be open for new caregivers and toddlers in January 2018
  • Each time you come, please email  ahead of time to let us know.
  • For more information on our perspective and what to expect in these sessions, please read about our principles.
  • If you’re a caregiver bringing a toddler, please review our guidelines for caregivers.

Questions? Email us at .