Rolling to Crawling: Developmental Age Group 2

with Amy Matthews & Sarah Barnaby
Thursdays, 3:30-4:15pm
Fridays, 12-12:45pm

Come learn to observe, appreciate and facilitate your baby’s movement and perceptual development. Our developmental age-group focused classes are child-oriented and child-led. We value process over milestones and respect each child’s timing as their whole self develops.

These classes are limited to 6 babies and their caregivers. Our intention is to meet each child where they are. Let us know if you have questions about which class best meets where your child is now.

Through a combination of discussion, observation and practice with the babies, we’ll cover developmentally relevant topics that apply to all age groups, such as:

  • how to support your baby’s sense of safety, comfort and bonding as they arrive
  • handling and touch principles and techniques
  • rhythm and timing
  • balancing flexion and extension
  • “baby ball” and flexor tone
  • how to observe preferences and facilitate more choice
  • self-regulation

We’ll also cover these topics relevant to this developmental level:

Rolling to Crawling: Developmental Age Group 2

  • symmetrical and asymmetrical movement patterns
  • pivoting and belly crawling
  • head righting
  • pathways to sitting

These classes are sold in 6-class packages that you can use to book any available class times. A class package is good for 6 months from your first class. If your child moves to a new developmental level, you can transfer unused classes to the new level.
$240 for 6-class package, $210 Members price


Rolling to Crawling
Thursdays, 3:30-4:15pm
Fridays, 12-12:45pm

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