PNF Study & Practice Group

with Amy Matthews
Mondays 2-4pm
4 or 6-week sessions

PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) is an approach to movement education that incorporates very specific three-dimensional movement patterns to reveal our most familiar movement patterns – and the movements we don’t usually do.

In these classes we will explore the details of the patterns, and see what happens when we engage with them as a movement practice. We will observe them in each other, and learn to use resistance to facilitate less familiar choices for ourselves and others.

These patterns can be adapted for all levels of movement skill and ability, and no previous experience with PNF is needed.


$210 for a 6-class card
$180 for BP Members

Nov 13 – Dec 18: Upper Limb (6 weeks)


Questions? Email us at .