Be With Your Toddler: Intro & Orientation

with Amy Matthews & Sarah Barnaby
Wednesdays, 4:00-4:30pm

This Intro & Orientation is the first step in registering your toddler for our by-donation Toddlers sessions.

During the Intro, we spend time meeting new caregivers (and their toddlers) and orienting caregivers to our key principles and handling suggestions.

  • Once you’ve come to the Intro class, you’re welcome to come to Toddlers as often as you like.
  • We limit the number of new toddlers and caregivers each week. Please plan to arrive as close to 4pm as possible on your first visit.
  • Our by-donation Toddlers sessions are Wednesdays from 4-5:30 pm, which overlaps with the Intro & Orientation session. After your orientation, you’re welcome to stay for some or all of the Toddlers session.
  • For more information on our perspective and what to expect, please read about our principles.
  • Please also review our guidelines for caregivers.
  • Read testimonials from caregivers about our Babies! sessions.

The cost of the Intro class is $40 for non-members and FREE for members. Members of Babies Project can come to this class free and receive full membership benefits. Become a BP Member here.

If the cost is a hardship for you, please email us at  and we ​will work something out.


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