About IDME

All of our classes for caregivers and their babies are taught by IDMEs (Infant Developmental Movement Educators) trained and certified by the School for Body-Mind Centering. IDME training includes four core developmental movement courses in addition to two 10-day modules on working with infants. This training takes place over several years and includes over 500 hours of course work, observations and sessions.

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We meet each baby at their own level, and help parents and caregivers understand what kind and amount of stimulus and support is appropriate and helpful at each stage of development.

We teach parents and caregivers the skills they need to create an environment for their baby to feel safe, comfortable and curious.

We teach parents and caregivers how to read their baby’s cues about timing and rhythm, and how to hold, carry, pick up and set down their infant.

We help babies be comfortable in a variety of positions, supporting their curiosity about moving and exploring their environment.

We are child-led in our facilitation AND understand that as caregivers we create the infant’s environment and are responsible for how they’re positioned in relationship to gravity.

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The IDMEs who lead our Babies! sessions (Amy, Sarah & Nisha) have over 20 years of combined experience working as IDMEs. During this time, they have each worked with hundreds of babies. They have also each completed additional BMC (Body-Mind Centering) certifications: Amy is a BMC Teacher, Nisha is a BMC Practitioner and Sarah is a Somatic Movement Educator and currently midway through her Practitioner training. They have all completed BMC & Yoga programs in Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga and Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga.

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To learn more about the IDME training, watch a short documentary filmed and produced in Paris during the IDME program there as well as a teaser for a longer documentary.